one of a kind

Angel, onyx, and pearl necklace with channeled message

Look For The Butterflies

Angel, onyx, and pearl necklace with channeled message


this necklace is for someone who has learned their worth. you have been through absolute chaos in the last 6 months. And have passed every test with flying colors and you know this. The things you have been through, would of made others cripple in fear. But not you.

You are someone who has connected deeply to your spirituality. You have intimate relationships with your spirit guides and angels. And you have called in their help and protection. This is your sign that they heard you. And that you are covered in a veil of complete protection as you pursue the path you are on. And leave the past behind.

You survived very toxic situations and relationships. And you have become so sure and strong in yourself that you will never go back. You are only following the path of love and support now.

Whoever this is for has a connection to dogs. Either you have one, or had one when you were younger that you felt almost like they were a human friend.

The cards pulled for you are overflowing with divine feminine energy. You are stepping into your dream life now. You have worked hard to get to this point. You deserve every bit of this. You are in your high priestess energy. Your intuition leads the way and you’ve had many signs help you to know this is the case.

You deserve to have nice things. You are someone who really cares about aesthetics and and material possessions. And that is OKAY. Let yourself love and lean into that. People in your past have made you feel guilty for this. But that isn’t necessary to carry any longer. Let yourself want what you want and align to that.

The angel pendant in this necklace is here to remind you that signs and divine guidance are only a question a way. You are very protected but if you forget. Just ask and a sign will come very quickly.

This necklace gives an air of chaos with all of the charms and how they land differently. The onyx stone in the middle Is here to help you remain grounded as you grow. It also dispels any negative energy around you.

The pearls are here to give you peace and serenity. To lead you step by step sign by sign. To your next path. They also represent that wealth is your birthright and to align yourself to that frequency

If this one of a kind necklace found you and this message resonates then it is for you! This necklace with this specific energy can not be replicated. So it is truly meant for you! 

This necklace was also infused in ceremony with energetic frequencies from flowers, and heart, third eye and crown chakra sound vibrations.

This necklace is 16inches with a 2 inch extender  made from 14k gold filled chain and authentic stones. Angel pendant is enamel.

Possible signs: 11:11, dogs, moving locations, red birds, deepening spiritual connection, taking long drives, Starbucks

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