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yellow brick road moonstone necklace

Yellow Brick Road Intuition Moonstone Necklace

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Yellow Brick Road Intuition Moonstone Necklace


Follow the yellow brick road, aka your intuition! 

Our intuition is our greatest guide, and just like dorothy followed the yellow brick road to find the answers, you too have that power! 

This necklace features milky moonstone, a crystal that is know for connecting you to your divine feminine energy ( intuition!) 

The three stones represent mind, body, and spirit. And the connection of those vital parts of ourselves. 

The necklace is then surrounded in your very own golden yellow brick road. Reminding you to let your intuition lead you back home through connection to yourself. 

This necklace is infused with healing energies an intentions before it is sent to you. 

Use this necklace to connect and grow deeply and become your own safe haven. There's no place like home. 

necklace is 18k gold vermeil on an 18 inch 14k gold filled chain. It is tarnish resistant, ready to be your constant companion. 

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finding one thing you can touch when feeling anxious or disconnected, to ground you back into reality. our grounding collection is made from solid gold so you can touch it over and over again. The more grounded you are, the higher your soul can fly.

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