Meet Cassie Dillard

Tell us your Name, Age, where you’re from, and one sentence that describes you best.

My name is Cassie Dillard, Cass for short and I’m 25 years old. I’m a silly, social butterfly, adventurous sort of a girl. 

What do you do to practice self-love?

Ah, yes. Self love. In my humble opinion, the most difficult, yet most important work for us to do. I call it work because that’s what it often feels like. I believe loving ourselves looks a bit less like bubble baths, face masks and a “treat yourself” mentality and a bit more like spending time alone each week, going makeupless every once and a while to remind yourself how organically beautiful you are and doing whatever it is that makes you feel most alive. For me, that’s getting in a good sweat, literally hugging myself, saying “no” when it means saying “yes” to a healthier Cass and allowing time to be present with the inherent struggle that is being human.
What is your favorite thing to do?
I’ve learned to love being outdoors, as it seems to dissipate my anxiety each and every time. And when resting my eyes or soul on a set of gorgeous scenery I’ve made a habit of taking long, intentional breaths. I find this makes moments easier to memorize and they seem to last much longer that way.
What is your favorite piece of Borcik Jewelry?
We admire Cassie's strength and the way she shows real, raw emotion. 

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