Chiron - The wounded healer

Chiron is a placement in our natal birth chart that shows up as our deepest wound in this life. This placement is called the wounded healer, because as soon as we choose to face and heal this wound it will become our greatest gift of healing to ourselves and to the world. 

This energy when alchemized is extremely powerful, and by learning about your placement you can delve into how to transform what has felt like a life long curse, into life long peace. 

There are no bad placements in astrology, only opportunities for growth and alchemy. We are meant to live beautiful meaningful lives, with opposition. 

Anything that shows up as hard or difficult can always be transformed into beauty and meaning. 

You can find your chiron placement HERE if you don't know it already. 

Read below for the sign and house your Chiron placement is in, a combo of these will show you where deep healing is needed, and deep joy is bound to come once this healing occurs. 


Chiron in Aries/ 1st house 

Chiron in aries means your deepest wounds are around your self image and how you show up in the world. You may have been bullied as a child, or made to feel like your feelings don't matter to the people around you. You may be somewhat of a chameleon when with friends and take on their personalities because you don't feel comfortable being who you are. Healing this wound will allow you to show up authentically and with full force as yourself, inspiring everyone around you to be fully themselves despite outside opinions.

Chiron in Taurus/2nd house 

Chiron in taurus means you lack a sense of security. You may have grown up in a less than ideal financial situation where even some basic needs were not met. Or this could of shown up as a lack of emotional security from your parent figures. You have a consistent feeling of never having enough material wealth, and live in fear of the future around security. Healing this wound will allow you to feel safe and secure within yourself. And when you accomplish that self worth, thats when the outside abundance will match your inner world. Showing everyone that material and inner wealth are all part of one expression.

Chiron in Gemini/3rd house 

Chiron in gemini means you have a wound around how you communicate. You may suffer heavily with anxiety and ruminating thoughts because you don't feel safe to speak your mind. It's a deep feeling that no one understands you and the way your mind works. You spend a lot of time in your own head, and have a hard time making decisions if things don't "make sense". Healing this wound will allow you to find your true voice, to speak your mind and know that the way you communicate is needed and important. This will show the world, that it's okay to be different. And that each voice is unique and matters.

Chiron in Cancer/4th house

Chiron in cancer means you have deep wounds around family and your childhood. You make have had to take on the role of a caretaker emotionally or physically at a young age. You may have had an emotionally abusive parent, or a parent who was absent. You take on everyones energy, and it effects you deeply. You may be a people pleaser so as to keep the peace and feel like you belong. You will stay in relationships far past the expiration date to avoid the feeling of abandonment. By healing this wound you will find a deep sense of self love and commitment. By learning that you have all you need you can create healthy boundaries and release your fears of being abandoned. Showing the world that when we love ourselves, we always belong.

Chiron in Leo/5th house 

Chiron in leo means you have deep wounds around creative expression, your inner child, and having fun. You may not allow yourself to do any of these things in a meaningful way to you because you weren't allowed to be silly or free as a child. You may feel the need to color within the lines, and have a very traditional structured life even though deep within you don't want this at all. By healing this wound you will unlock your creative expression. Learn to be silly and reconnect to the things you loved as a child as a way to reach true emotional fulfillment. Showing the world that your inner child is still alive and needs to be nurtured even as adults. And that by returning to this innocence life can become true magic.

Chiron in Virgo/6th house 

Chiron in virgo means you have deep wounds around perfectionism. You are extremely hard on yourself and constantly feel a sense of not being good enough. You try to cope with this sometimes through addictive behaviors, or by taking out your inner critic on the people around you, expecting them to be perfect as well. This placement effects your everyday life because it is tied to work and daily tasks. By healing this wound you will learn to relax. To recognize that you don't have to be perfect. That mistakes are needed and good for growth and do not make you unclean, unworthy, or unlovable. As you heal your inner critic and perfectionism. You will show the world that they are worthy by being themselves no matter the mistakes they have made.

Chiron in libra/7th house

Chiron in libra means you have deep wounds around relationships. You deeply want to be truly loved and to have a soul mate connection. But you feel rejection much deeper than most people. Because of this you may over give in relationships, or you may not want to be in a relationship at all. libra is all about balance. So when you are still in an unhealed Chiron you will oscillate between the two polarities. When healed you will find balance between your inner self and a relationship. Your choice to deeply love yourself will help you to feel safe and open up to loving a partner. You will show the world that we show up best in our relationships when we have equal energy exchange and operate from a place of deep self love and care.

Chiron in Scorpio/8th house 

Chiron in scorpio means you have deep wounds around control and loss. This is one of the most difficult Chiron placements. You have experienced a lot of loss in your lifetime and that has caused you to fear trusting anyone. This placement will have a hard time in relationships until they learn to trust in a healthy way. You will try to control your outer-world to feel safe, usually because you have endured some difficult trauma or abuse. When healed you will recognize that control is an illusion and does not lead to trust or happiness. You will find. deep self empowerment that allows you to show up in the world safely. You will not control others and you will not give your power away for others to control you. You will show the world that healthy boundaries are essential and that your past doesn't define you.

Chiron in Sagittarius/9th house 

Chiron in sagittarius means you have a deep wound around belief and belonging. This placement is either obsessed with spirituality or the complete opposite. They often feel lost because they can't seem to find the meaning in it all and will search relentlessly to find something that makes sense. The house this placement is in will show you what you run away from because you hate to be boxed in. There is deep self hate talk that can happen with this placement. You truly feel you can't find your purpose and it eats at you. When healed you will discover that you've always had the answers within you. That connection to your higher self is the most important relationship for you to have and that will lead you to a healthy relationship with your higher power in this life. You will show the world that focusing on the journey rather than the destination is beautiful, and that they've always had the answers within all along.

Chiron in Capricorn/10th house 

Chiron in capricorn means you have a deep wound around being seen and recognized. You will overwork yourself and go above and beyond in your career and in your daily life desperately hoping for recognition for your talents. You may also have a very controlling and rigorous schedule, that you implement not only to yourself but on your loved ones as well. IN childhood you may have been told that your dreams were not realistic. And you were constantly overlooked when it came to what you felt you had to offer the world. When healed you will find that you only ever need to be proud of yourself. You don't need outside recognition, you will find deep peace when you are comfortable doing things for your own heart. And you will find as you do this, that the public recognition will then enter. You are meant to show the world that through knowing your worth, others will then see it too.

Chiron in Aquarius/ 11th house 

Chiron in Aquarius means you have a deep wound around belonging. You may have stood out from the crowd your whole life. You may feel uncomfortable in groups of friends. Like you say the wrong things, and you just don't belong. You feel like no matter what you do you are just different. Because of this you will lash out and hurt people who are trying to be your friend, because you feel like they don't understand you so you'd rather end the relationship early than face more rejection. You may even close yourself off to friendships completely. When healed you understand that your differences are very valuable. You will find a group of people that you can contribute to for the greater of humanity. You will all have your quirks and accept each-other. You will show the world that you can be unique and find your soul family.

Chiron in Pisces/12th House 

Chiron in pisces means you have a deep wound around faith and true happiness. You feel you've been let down by the world/universe/god over and over again. You may be very cynical towards positive outlooks and err on the side of glass half empty. You either wallow in your emotions of despair. Or you completely dissociate. This can be a difficult placement to handle. You may turn to addictive substances to distract yourself from dealing with hard thought cycles. You feel it all. When healed you will be able to look at the world and logically discover why all of your thoughts aren't facts. You will see that there is good to be found in the every day. You will show the world that through a healthy balance of logic and faith we can create the world of our dreams, despite the perceived hard times.


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