Look For The Butterflies

Pearl, Moonstone, and Crystal Quartz Necklace with channeled message


You are being tested heavily, and this is because you hold an immense amount of power within you. 

The last two years you have lost everything. Friends, family, places, money. It was like your entire past life was wiped clean from you. You have had to rebuild from the ground up and it hasn't been easy. You've gone deep within. You have faced demons others would never dare to face. But you understand that alchemy happens in the dark, in the shadows. You aren't afraid to look at the parts that other people are scared of. 

Because you know that when you bring them into the light they become your super powers. And that is where you are at now. You are stepping into your empress energy. You are ready to show the world just who you've become, when they thought you would never make it. 

You may live near, or love the water fiercely. The ocean has helped you heal and you think of her as a living being. One who is always there to comfort and you help you on your journey. You may even be considering moving close to the ocean. 

You are reaching a time in your life when many are going to come to your aid to help you to grow the vision that you've been holding. You are deeply empathic and creative, and the life path you want to take is meant for you. You are going to be successful, the trials you've faced have been preparing your for this. I feel that deep down. 

There is a grandmother energy around you often, you have felt this. She is one of your guides and she is extremely proud for all you've been through. 

It's important for you to know that it doesn't matter what others say or think about you. you know who you are. And their attempts to hold you back are not going to succeed. The difference between you and them, is you act always out of love. Because of this you are heavily protected. This necklace will help with that as well. 

This necklace has crystal quartz to magnify your manifestations you are calling and cleanse any negative energy being sent your way. The pearls are wisdom and hold the energy of the ocean, helping you to flow into this new season of your life and to lead others with wisdom and grace. The moonstone will connect you to the spiritual realm and your divine feminine power. You are meeting your higher self at a much deeper level this season, and are truly becoming her. This necklace features 7 stones which represent the 7 chakra points, and will help you to stay aligned and balanced. 

You have done so much work, and you deserve the peace and serenity that is entering your life. The chaos of the past is leaving now. You have passed all of the tests. 

If this message doesn't resonate, then this necklace is not for you. Each channeled message is one of a kind and the energy of each piece can not be replicated. 

This necklace was infused with intention and energy in a flower ceremony. It holds the power of the goddess Isis who is a healer and mother figure. And the energetics of roses and carnations to carry you through each season with love. It holds the healing and energy of blue calcite to help you live in the moment in peace and flow. To stay calm and connected. With sound vibrations from healing bowls focused on the root, heart, and throat chakras. 

necklace is 20 inches, genuine gemstones, 14k gold filled 

possible signs: frida kahlo, harry potter, cats, egypt, monochrome art, 444, 555, coraline, daisies, full moon, laser hair removal (?)

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