Look For The Butterflies

Beginners Meditation Guide


Are you ready to start healing? 

Meditation found me when I was in the darkness. 

I felt lost, I didn’t have a true purpose, I was anxious and depressed, I was in an abusive marriage and didn’t realize it, I was overworked, overstressed, and in pain. 

Meditation was the doorway to me coming back home to myself. 

It created safety for me to process my wounds. 

And it ultimately was the practice that helped me take my life and power back. 

I want everyone to feel the peace and life changing power of meditation. So I’ve created this guide with an exclusive guided meditation to get you started in the right way!

The guided meditation is the pure gold of this guide. I use the exact method I have found to be the most effective to get you hooked on meditation and keep coming back. 

I’m ready to help you heal. But the power is always always within you. 

Whats included in this guide: 

This guide will teach you what meditation is, and what it isn't.

Introduce you to four different forms of meditation.

How to set up your own sacred space to meditate in and a ritual to set the intention for your space.

And an exclusive guided meditation featuring the glow stick method. + links to two bonus guided meditations.

This guide is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. you will not receive a hard copy. 

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