Look For The Butterflies

Hera Hoops



Our Hera Hoops are infused with the energy and healing of the goddess Hera. 


Her message and support for you is to reclaim your dignity, to empower through empathy, to forgive yourself and others and move forward with knowing and personal power. 

These earrings are especially potent if you've been through any type of betrayal or hardship outside of your control. Helping you to regain confidence that comes from a balanced and loving place. 

On the goddess Hera: 

Hera was the queen of the greek pantheon, married to zeus, and a protector of women. Her story has been smeared over the ages as jealous and spiteful. But what I've gathered from her is strength, learning. understanding, mistakes, and reclamation. She is an example of being okay with making mistakes as we heal through harsher realities. She has taught us that we can change, and that all emotions are necessary to get to the end result. 

Earring posts are hypo allergenic lead and nickel free and waterproof. 

18k gold vermeil. 

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