Look For The Butterflies

Earth Angel Intention Candle


This candle is meant to be used to create grounding in your daily life. 

Earth Angel was created for you to come back home to your body. 
Using deeply nourishing and grounded earthy scents. This candle has notes of bergamot, sandalwood, pine, and patchouli. 
The power of scent energetically is phenomenal. It has the ability to change our energy in an instant.
By using the power of these earth bound scents you are immediately grounding yourself in your home and your day. 

This candle is infused with healing energy in a flower ceremony before it makes its way to you.

Each candle comes with a set of matches, and seed paper to grow wildflowers in your candle vessel once it's burned down.

This candle is 10 oz, and burn time is 50 hours. 

how to use intentionally: 


Fire is a cleanser, a reset. By lighting a candle in your home you are intentionally choosing to “reset” your energy and your homes energy to a more aligned place. 
As you light your candle take a moment to breathe in deeply and really infuse the moment with intention. Asking for any negativity to be cleared and to be brought back to a calm and grounded scent. 
Then use that moment to really connect to to the scent of the candle as you connect to your first home, you

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