Look For The Butterflies

Green Agate, Pearl, and Aquamarine necklace with channeled message


Green Malachite, Pearl, and Aquamarine necklace with channeled message:

You have been through so much the last five months. You have been hit with ending after ending after ending. Wondering when your new beginning was going to come in. 

Within the last two weeks you have begun to feel a breath of new life enter you. You are starting to feel hopeful for your future, after so many let downs. The path doesn't feel quite clear yet, because you are just at the beginning of this emotional journey.

But you know that it is going to be so different than what you've experienced in the past. You are ready for this. and you deserve happiness. 

You have been so strong through each trial, and have worked hard to be the bigger person and not continue in the chaos. And you are now going to get to breath a breath of fresh air. 

As you are transitioning into your new timeline, as this higher version of yourself. This necklace holds the energy to keep you centered and calm. 

Green agate connects to your heart and root chakra. Helping you to choose the best next step that's not only good for your heart, but also good for your stability. Aquamarine helps you to stay calm and without anxiety, and to speak your truth when it is time to. The pearls help you to gain divine insight when you may need clarification. 

You are stepping into a brand new season, and you are going to be happy. You worked hard for this, you deserve it. 

If this message doesn't resonate, then this necklace is not for you. Each channeled message is one of a kind and the energy of each piece can not be replicated. 

This necklace was infused with intention and energy in a flower ceremony. It holds the power of the goddess Isis who is a healer and mother figure. And the energetics of roses and carnations to carry you through each season with love. It holds the healing and energy of blue calcite to help you live in the moment in peace and flow. To stay calm and connected. With sound vibrations from healing bowls focused on the root, heart, and throat chakras. 

possible signs: 444, yellow butterfly, printing out photos, becoming a mother/you are a mother (strong mother energy), floral print, silverware

necklace is 18 inches and 14k gold filled. featuring jade agate, aquamarine, and pearls.

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