Look For The Butterflies

Letters From Vincent Necklace - vincent van gogh- onyx


Known not only for his meaningful art, he also wrote over 800 letters in his lifetime.

Mostly to his younger brother Theo. In these letters are words of hope and deep inspiration, even amongst his pain.

He was one of the greatest examples of finding beauty within hardship. a lifetime of mental illness plagued him, but still he found love to be his guiding light.

 This necklace made from Black Onyx is as dark as the ink from Vincents pen as

he wrote heartfelt sentiments such as, “I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”.

Black Onyx is known as a deeply grounding stone.

It aids in you in calming anxiety.

It is also one of the greatest stones from protection against energies that would affect you negatively.

Which makes it an amazing necklace for empaths.

Chain is 14k gold filled, and necklace pendant measures approx 19 x 30 mm 

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