Protection Luxe Pearl Pyrite Dipped Studs


Mixing elements that empower you. Pearls are gems of serenity and inner peace, pyrite is very protective against negative energies. 

I have learned that the ocean is very powerful in teaching us to protect our energy. Everyday she becomes new as her waves hit the shore. In similar ways we must do the same. Your energy is sacred and deserves to be protected from those that project their negativity onto you. 

It's not yours to hold. Use these earrings to protect and cleanse your precious energy, while holding onto the peace you've so carefully cultivated. 

These organic keshi pearls of the highest quality, are dipped by hand into stunning crushed pyrite. 

Pearls are approx 12-15 mm. because they are organic materials each pair will vary slightly but each will be beautiful and unique, just like you! 

Posts are hypo allergenic, lead and nickel free. 

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