Look For The Butterflies

Malachite and Herkimer Diamond Necklace with channeled message


Channeled message for this necklace: 

This necklace is here to guide and protect on your creative journey. You are someone who has recently stepped into your creative power. And you're ready to follow it with all of your heart. This necklace will help you to gain clear perception through the herkimer diamonds surrounding the malachite stone, which is here to keep you connected to your creativity. 

essentially you have clear eyes to see what's next creatively. Because the herkimer diamonds surround each side of the malachite you are protected in your creative vision. 

You are really learning to lead your life from your heart space. All of your creativity is flowing from you because you have learned to open your heart and also to receive. This necklace will support you on the energetic level of receiving love just as much as you give it. As sometimes that is easier said than done. 

You are also awakening to your deep spiritual power and what that means for you. You may be having heightened experiences in this area, and this necklace will help you to channel this energy into your work. 

malachite is a divine feminine stone, it helps when embracing change, it's known as a heart opener, it is highly protective and is also connected to the heart and third eye chakras. 

herkimer diamonds bring extreme clarity, embracing duality, clears the chakras, and magnifies whatever stone it is next to! 

If this one of a kind necklace found you and this message resonates then it is for you! This necklace with this specific energy can not be replicated. So it is truly meant for you! 

This necklace was also infused in ceremony with energetic frequencies from flowers, and heart and third eye sound vibrations. 

Necklace is made from high quality 14k gold fill and authentic gemstones. 

This necklace comes on a gorgeous twisted 16 in chain with a 2 inch extender. 


tarot pulled for this necklace: the magician, the emperor, three of wands 

possible signs for you: 333, hercules, setting boundaries, stargazing, 777, art, seeing a random cat, let it go frozen

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